Apps that are Every Parents Dream…

20 Feb

I don’t know too many parents of driving age teenagers that doesn’t worry about where they are going, who they are with and whether or not they are text and drive. Cell phone carriers have had to get more creative and meet the demands of their consumers and create apps that allow parental control! According to a report entitled Mobile Applications: Apps and the Internet World, “For 2016 the worldwide penetration rate of Mobile Internet will reach 34.7% – or 2.89 billion users …”

Mobile phone carriers have advanced by continually developing apps that allow users to do more – play games, deposit and transfer their bank funds. Carriers like T-Mobile have also put safety and security as a priority for their customers.

FamilyWhere(TM)- includes FamilyWhere Check-In and FamilyWhere Locate (for an additional charge): These services allow parents to know where their kids are by locating them using their mobile phone. Now what parent wouldn’t want to use this app every once and a while?

DriveSmart – restricts calls, texts and application use if their mobile phone is in a moving vehicle. What is nice about this app is that it will send an automated text message informing the sender that your message was read and you will respond when it is safe to do so. For the premium app, you can respond using voice activation.

Webguard is the mobile version of web monitoring. It allows for blockage of mature web content while on the T-Mobile Network. This program will allow you to set access based on your child’s age.

These are just a few of the mobile apps that provide for mobile safety. As mobile technology begins to become more popular, carriers are going to have to keep up with demands and continue to provide security measures that allow customers to feel safe and enjoy the convenience their mobile phones.

Knowing that these safety mechanisms are in place for when our children our on the road, makes the stress level much lower.


T-Mobile Cell Phone Safety & Security.

Mobile Applications: Apps and the Mobile Internet.

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One response to “Apps that are Every Parents Dream…

  1. Nnamdi Ebere/JacEnnedy

    February 22, 2012 at 12:30 am

    It is interesting to note that as mobile telecommunications and its associated potential continues to expand, the social responsibilities by the carriers e.g. T-mobile will also continue to grow . In the near future, the sustainability of a mobile telecommunications provider will be hinged on its ability to go beyond the obvious and offer services like FamilyWhere, DriveSmart and Webguard. Customers will continue to seek security and privacy as these are essential human societal expectations and the carriers that will provide these services will win in the market place.


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