6.1 Social Media Landscape

17 Feb

The Roller Coaster Ride Called Social Media

Snapshots. Posts. Friends. Likes. Pins. Videos. You name it; we have said it and done it. To say social media is like riding a roller coaster over the past 10 years, is an understatement. I am sure that you realize that this roller coaster ride is not over yet. Social Media 3.0 is producing so many different niche sites that many of us probably will never hear of many and then one will jump off like a run away train and make someone really popular and eventually really rich!

The new social media trends are very simple: niche audiences, privacy, sleek and user-friendly designs and most important…mobile! We are now starting to see some recycled social media concepts reintroduce themselves. One of the latest to resurrect itself is MySpace. MySpace, the grandfather of social media, has begun to rethink its strategy and is becoming a more niche social media platform that focused more on musicians and young people. Since it has gone through a refacing in October 2010, profile creation has increased more than 3.3 million and mobile users has increased 4 percent. As the company continues to reintroduce itself, it has been integrating with Facebook (who knocked them off the social media throne) and will be working with Google+ to do the same.

Who knows what the future brings for MySpace! What we do know is that anything is possible. Before we know it, we will all need to adjust our social media strategies to include this platform that seems that it still may have a few lives left. Until then, MySpace will continue to be a place to find all of your favorite musicians! But watch out world, the young people my decide that it is time to knock Facebook off the throne.

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