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We all know the Mayo Clinic as one of the world’s most advanced health care providers. Many of us don’t know the clinic as the world’s most innovative health care provider when it comes to social media. They have set the bar for health care in social media.

The Mayo Clinic is one of the leaders in healthcare social media. The Clinic has created the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media in July 2010. This center is a “first-of-its-kind center devoted to application of social media to promote health, fight disease and improve health care” (Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media). Mayo Clinic has become the most popular medical provider on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. They host News Blog, Podcast Blog and the Sharing Mayo Clinic and has positioned themselves as a pioneer in blogging for the hospital industry.

The clinic uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Second Life to connect with their patients. However, they have implemented strict guidelines that limit the amount of information that the Clinic can answer patient’s questions. However, Twitter chats are used to get around this by offering these chats as a way to provide general medical advice to patients along with their weekly radio program. Now the organization has launched a new book Bringing the Social Media #Revolution to Health Care”. The book is available on Amazon and something that all health care marketing professionals should consider. Image

This is an organization that may have stumbled into social media but have found it as an effective way to communicate and engage their patients. They do a fabulous job of responding to patients on their Facebook page and Twitter. This is great to see since they have so many Facebook pages that they need to manage. However, as the world of social media continues to change, it will be important for the Clinic to stay on top of it.

It is hard to find an area of improvement for the Mayo Clinic. The Clinic uses several social media strategies to engage patients and employees, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Yammer, Second Life, Flickr, Pinterest, and mobile apps as well as internal and external blogs (CNN Money, 2013).

For example, they have a Google+ account but there are no postings. This is a missed opportunity for them. However, they have done such an amazing job in setting the bar for health care and social media. From Facebook to Twitter, to YouTube, Pinterest and so much more, they have provided quality content and engaging discussions. Their biggest challenge will be to keep the content fresh across all vehicles. I am sure that it will not be a problem for them. I hope to see more health care facilities taking on social media as a way to engage patients and share their expertise.


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